Meet Dattatreya Hegde: A farmer with a flair for conserving special pickle mango types in the Western Ghats



Workshop on Custodian Farmers of Agricultural Biodiversity: Policy support for their roles in use and conservation (New Delhi, 11-12 February 2013)



Theatre play as marketing tool

Author: h.lamers@cgiar.org - Published At: 27 June, 2014 19:46 MYT - (115 Reads)

How to engage farming communities in markets? For the TFT project we used theater play to explain our communities about the marketing of native fruit diversity with very promising results. See the story of the play in slides at Theatre Play 'The Spineless Durian'(external link) Enjoy and learn more about marketing crop diversity!

Native Fruit Trees: Of life and livelihoods…

Author: h.lamers@cgiar.org - Published At: 4 Feb., 2014 14:05 MYT - (85 Reads)

One of our TFT colleagues, Narasimha Hegde, submitted a very nice poster and blog to the World Congress on Agroforestry (WCA2014) held in February 2014. The blog 'Trees of Life' and research poster are part of Bioversity’s Gender Research Fellowship Programme. Please take a moment to read the blog and see the poster to learn about how to make participatory research gender responsive. The poster can be found in publications section of this site: Gender- responsive participatory research(external link)

Proceedings of the Custodian Farmers Workshop

Author: maninder.kaur@cgiar.org - Published At: 4 Feb., 2014 13:47 MYT - (192 Reads)

Following a workshop held in New Delhi, India, earlier this year, Bioversity International and partners are proud to present a new publication featuring the profiles of 20 custodian farmers from South and Southeast Asia.

These farmers have been identified as valued ‘custodians’ who “actively maintain, adapt and disseminate agricultural biodiversity over time and space, including the culture and institutions in which it is embedded, and the knowledge needed for its use and cultivation” (Sthapit et al., 2013).

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